IGU-UGI 2024 – appel à contribution

Jeffrey Blain, Laura Brown et Mathilde Vignau organisent la session Sustainable dynamics and real estate lors du 35e congrès international de géographie porté par l’International Geographical Union (IGU) et la Geographical Society of Ireland, qui se tiendra du 24 au 30 août 2024 à Dublin.

Session Abstract (C.42 Urban Commission) 

Sustainability has been a key issue in contemporary urban planning for several decades. This concept, which encompasses economic, social and territorial dimensions, may seem overused and even misused. However, it still represents a key area of scientific research. Many scientific studies in the field of geography have demonstrated the link between climate change, human activities and land use. This session aims to deepen territorial sustainability through the prism of real estate activities. Indeed, while the real estate sector generates a high level of pollution, it also induces several innovations (technological, territorial, health-related, etc.) that redesign the sustainable city beyond its purely ecological dimension. The sustainable transition began, in part, by growing environmental and social concerns as well as the desire to maintain our modern lifestyle while limiting the risks associated with surpassing planetary limits. Increasingly, these considerations are influencing residential choices. Territorial sustainability therefore raises several geographical issues. With a particular focus on socio-economic conditions, territorial contexts and inequalities, contributors are invited to consider both the innovative dimension (awareness of risks and the willingness of stakeholders to accept change, integration of health and nature into planning, etc.) and its critical dimension (commodification of nature, green gentrification, etc.). Contributions can be geographically oriented by focusing on the interplay of stakeholders and scales, and on the evolution of the real estate market and development. Proposals can also be written from a more operational standpoint, concentrating on methods for assessing and analyzing territorial sustainability. The presentation of case studies is welcome. 

Call for papers and submission (link)

Call for papers opens: 3rd October 2023 – Call for papers ends: 12th January 2024

Minimum requirements: Oral papers mandatory in English. Title (25 words max.), paper (250 words max.), authors/co-authors identification & up to 5 keywords.

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